Investing in Our Employees Is an Investment in Your Building

The people we hire make a difference for you and your building. Because our employees are key to a long-term successful relationship with you, we have a commitment to their professional and personal success.

As a responsible and supportive employer, we provide employees with good benefits and access to training geared toward career and salary advancement. Each new employee goes through our proprietary HS commercial cleaning program and then continues to receive onsite and offsite training in the latest technologies. Beyond this training, we also offer employees support in obtaining relevant certifications in commercial cleaning, green technology, and building management.

The Washington region’s economic strength is based a high education level, and we support education at all levels. Therefore, we also support employees in increasing their proficiency in general literacy, math, English, and by taking general college courses if that is what they are interested in.

We want our employees to feel supported as they navigate the workplace and your building. As a company, we have developed policies that aid them. We believe that investing in employees promotes morale and improves performance at your properties. It’s a win-win for HS Commercial Cleaning, for the employees themselves, and for you.