Hidalia Lazo

Hidalia Lazo’s commercial cleaning clients nicknamed her the “White Glove” testament to the high quality of standards that she upheld for the buildings she oversaw. She established and met those standards while managing hundreds of employees and as many as 25 buildings at a time, ranging from 200,000 square feet to over a million square feet.

Hidalia started in the business by cleaning houses. But she quickly realized she needed more income and stability to support her family and eventually hired on as a full-time general cleaner at a large commercial cleaning company. There she was promoted to site supervisor and then to project manager.

During 10 years at this company, Hidalia became known to her clients as THE person to contact when they had complaints or needed a change in services. Her experience in delivering excellent high-level commercial cleaning includes the following:

  • Project Management and administration
  • Site inspections
  • Janitorial supply procurement
  • Inventory ordering and management
  • Employee scheduling, training, and management

Suezette Steinhardt

Suezette Steinhardt is a doer. When she discovered that working people in her community couldn’t afford housing, she started a small non-profit that assisted with rent while family breadwinners received additional job training and education. Better skills meant better jobs and better lives for almost 200 adults and children.

Now, Suezette is “doing” once again—this time in the commercial cleaning industry. In her non-profit work, she credited her success to the clients themselves, saying they were highly motivated to do whatever it took to improve themselves for their children’s sake. At HS Commercial Cleaning, Suezette is working with similarly highly motivated employees who are interested in getting a foothold on a career path leading to economic stability for themselves and their families.

Entry-level employees will receive in-depth janitorial training and access to training programs in facility management, in sustainability, in the operation of existing buildings, and in HVAC.

Suezette’s experience in workforce development and business management includes the following:

  • Overseeing operations
  • Overseeing staff and training
  • Managing properties and rehabilitating them
  • Maintaining interagency relationships with Fairfax County government organizations and other non-profits
  • Developing relationships with local landlords based on responsible tenant training, on-time rent payments, and unit inspection procedures
  • Establishing and managing budget, monitoring spending, and maintaining required documentation for accountant, IRS tax reporting, and annual audit
  • Developing individualized job skills training and education for clients
  • Monitoring compliance by and progress of program clients