HS Commercial Cleaning

Founded by Hidalia Lazo and Suezette Steinhardt


HS Commercial cleaning wants to provide expert and efficient cleaning services.

With more than 10 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Hidalia Lazo has gained expert proficiency in managing the cleaning services for large commercial buildings. She has learned that the most significant component in quality assurance is a supervisor who communicates clients’ expectation for their buildings to those who are cleaning them. To do this, the supervisor must have a good working relationship and open communication with the clients as well as her employees. As a supervisor of multiple sights, buildings under Hidalia’s supervision have won awards for commercial cleaning excellence. She has a reputation for immediately responding to service requests and effective resolution of clients’ concerns.


HS Commercial Cleaning wants to provide its workers with a fair wage, healthcare and access to a training program geared toward career and salary advancement.

Suezette Steinhardt has been working in the non-profit field for over 12 years. She created and directed a Fairfax County program for low-income families. The goal of the program was to stabilize the family through housing assistance and work with each family on a plan for economic stability. In most cases, the family breadwinners needed additional education and training. Suezette discovered the commercial cleaning industry provides an excellent opportunity for low-skilled workers to get a foothold on a career path that leads to economic stability. This is good for our community and for our clients. Our employees are well-trained and highly motivated to adopt your requirements for your property.