History & Vision

HS Commercial Cleaning

Suezette Steinhardt ran the award-winning nonprofit Family PASS, which assisted families with rental assistance. In developing a relationship with landlords, Suezette emphasized cleanliness, and she always inspected—and often cleaned—the premises after families moved out.

“Our reputation with landlords was stellar because we left a place spic and span,” said Suzette. “I have high standards.”

Hidalia Lazo volunteered with the organization and offered to help Suezette clean. As Suezette quickly learned, Hidalia knew about the science and technical aspects of cleaning. She was familiar with specialized products for different cleaning purposes.

Hidalia’s knowledge came from 10 years managing teams in commercial buildings of all sizes. She was generous is sharing her knowledge, and, as she did, Suezette, who has a Masters’ in workforce development from Cornell University, began to form a plan.

At Family PASS, the focus was on ending homelessness permanently. After providing rental assistance, the real work began . . . helping people find work that paid enough to support their families so they wouldn’t be threatened with homelessness again.

That generally involved training and education so people would be qualified for better jobs and wages. Often, people worked while obtaining certification or going to school. Couldn’t a steady cleaning job offer people stable employment while they bettered themselves?

And what if they bettered themselves in the cleaning field itself? After all, there are certification classes available locally in sustainability and green initiatives, in facility management, and in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation and repair, (commonly referred to as HVAC).

HS Commercial Cleaning today relies on Hidalia’s expert proficiency in managing commercial cleaning operations. Likewise, it relies on Suezette to choose and train motivated employees eager to learn technical skills, learn about cleaning products, and deliver high-level commercial cleaning services.

You can see that HS Commercial Cleaning is more than a company. Its commitment is first to customers—that’s you—because your satisfaction is integral to it success. And its success determines the future for the families of its employees.